Transcription Services

  • Conducting research based on interviews or oral histories?
  • Writing a book and stuck with massive audio note files?
  • Trying to make sense of raw documentary footage?
  • Aiming to broaden the accessibility of your podcast?

These are all scenarios for which you should hire a transcriptionist.

A transcriptionist’s role is to make audio-visual content easier to understand and organize by providing text-based versions of your material. Different lines of work have their own transcription standards––oral historians and podcast producers have different needs––but a transcriptionist always tailors transcripts so that they make the most sense and serve the greatest use for their clients.

As someone who has worked as a transcriptionist in academic and non-academic settings, I am able to provide quality work at a quick turnaround for reasonable rates and adjusted to individual needs.

I am mindful of people’s budgets and time constraints. I understand that graduate students often have fewer resources than grant-funded researchers (trust me, I get it: I just finished my PhD). It’s important to me to maintain a clear sense of what I’m able to provide within certain constraints.

Still interested? Check out my basic rates, and fill out a query below! Thanks!


Basic Rates

Standard transcription rate: $1.25 / minute of material
(minimum 30 minutes)

Rush transcription rate: $1.50 / minute of material
(less than 3-day turnaround)

Graduate student transcription rate: $1 / minute of material

Standard research charge: $25 / hour
(in cases where audio contains specific names, places,
and details but the client provides no supplementary guide)

Orders over 5 hours:
$2 / minute if less than 1-week deadline
$75 deposit required

Orders over 10 hours:
$2 / minute if less than 2-week deadline
$150 deposit required

Transcript editing, indexing, and coding:
$15 / hour

PayPal preferred; checks also accepted


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